Landlords & Property Managers

Interested in Potentially Increasing Property Value ?
Check out the section on Increasing Property Values

Additional rent
In certain neighborhoods and advertised properly, we think landlords can expect an additional 7% to 10% rent for units maintained as SaferBuilding™ units. To get an idea if your building may be a likely neighborhood check out the
Neighborhood Disclosure Form.

Higher Occupancy
By maintaining your building and some units using SaferBuilding™ materials and methods, your building becomes more attractive than its competitors. Aside from being healthier for everybody, certain populations may specifically look for SaferBuilding™ units such as asthmatics, pregnant people, etc.

Increased building value
By having higher rents, your building value will likely increase since the value is based upon annual rent times a local area multiplier.

Liability protection
Some insurance companies are dropping coverage for pollution. By using fewer toxins, there may be a smaller risk of law suit from pollution. Information on using fewer toxins are covered in the Contractor How-To Guides.

Why get a Certificate of Good Standing ?
To let tenants know that you don't plan to put environmental toxins in their living space, to remind contractors to use the SaferBuilding™ materials and methods (contractor how-to guides), and to remind tenants not to inadvertently bring in a toxic product. To apply for a SaferBuilding™ Certificate of Good Standing click here.

What locations make sense ?
Having a SaferBuilding™ building doesn't hurt; however, to get the most value of out it, it is important to look at demographics. For your location, check out the Neighborhood Environmental Disclosure Form.

Do I need a new lease ?
If you spend the resources to kept the toxins off of your property, you probably don't want the tenant to put them back in. It would be like a tenant making a mess of a freshly painted wall (i.e. it would defeat the purpose).

You'll likely want clauses which protect your building and not allow your tenant to leave toxic residue. For information on maintaining your building check out the Maintenance Environmental Disclosure Form.

What sort of things should I put in leases ?
Always check with your law professionals for local laws and ordinances; however, in order to protect your property, certain clauses are important. The precise wording will depend upon locale and local laws ...

  • No Chemical Pesticides
  • No Chemical Air Fresheners
  • No smoking, scented candles, or incense
  • If you allow pets, then no chemical flea drops
  • Perhaps only environmentally friendly laundry products.


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