Increase Property Values

Why does using SaferBuilding™ materials and methods have the potential to add value to a property?

If two properties are identical and one has toxic residue and the other does not, then which would be more valuable? If two properties are identical and one had been sprayed with toxic pesticides to get rid of ants and extra time was spent to caulk, to block the holes AND safer caulk was used, which would be more valuable?

Some buyers/tenants don't care?

Yes, but some buyers/tenants do care. To get an idea if given the demographics of your property, it makes financial sense to make SaferBuilding™ improvements, fill out our Environmental Disclosure Forms.

How do I know?

You don't know for certain; however, filling out our Environmental Disclosure Forms will guide you in the right direction.

What sort of increase in value can I expect?

It depends on the marketing, the market, the finished product and many other factors; however, we think you should expect roughly a 7% to 10% increase. Your numbers may vary. Please let us know how your property's value is enhanced.

What sort of additional costs can I expect?

It depends on the repair. For some repairs, it is less expensive (like cleaning); for other repairs, it is more expensive (ie: carpet demolition); for some it is roughly the same (like painting). Generally, it is slightly more expensive to make improvements; however, if the demographics are right, our experience is that the cost more than makes up for itself on the increased value. Your numbers may vary. Not all properties are right for SaferBuilding™ materials and methods ... you will have to discuss this with your licensed real estate, construction, and medical professionals. See our Contractor How-To Guides for more information.

Can my current contractor work using SaferBuilding™ materials and methods?

That depends upon your contractor. There is generally some learning involved for the contractor. Some contractors enjoy learning new methods and testing new materials; while others are reluctant to make improvements or changes.

Is this true of all green building materials?

We don't know. SaferBuilding™ uses methods, as well as materials and focuses on green building materials, which also are safer for human health.


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