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When people buy houses, they see the colors, the fixtures, the layout, the room size and inspect plumbing, electrical, roof, and other important features. What is notably missing is information about toxic residue.

Buy these important Environmental Disclosure Forms to learn about the likely toxic residue on the property.

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Nuclear & Radioactive Toxins

Living close to nuclear reactors or radioactive waste
may be of concern to you. If accidents occur, radioactive materials can have adverse effects on the people for many decades after the radioactive release. Water supplies can become contaminated as well, with or without an accident.


When you buy a new home, the seller will often disclose such things as noisy neighbors or barking dogs, but not neighbors who regularly use toxic materials, even those that create a dangerous toxic trespass and harm your health and home.

Pesticide Usage

Most sellers don’t know how to answer “were any pesticides used”. This form asks direct questions about when, type of pest, etc. to help you get more accurate information.

Walls & Repairs

You can see the beautiful colors in a newly painted house, but unless you get headaches or detect a chemical smell, you may not be able to detect the presence of toxins used.

Household Maintenance

Maintenance materials can often leave a toxic residue in a home or apartment. Some of the residue is easy to remove but some is nearly impossible. Shouldn't you want to know what toxic residue remains before you buy or rent property?


It's easy to tell if a floor covering is carpet or wood, but not what sealant was used or whether a wood floor is veneer, engineered, or solid. Safer flooring is important to maintaining good air quality. Before you move-in find out all you can about flooring issues.

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