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Woman's Day Magazine
Even if you don't mind the risk... those with young children or pregnant, may have adverse reactions.... will help you minimize any toxic effects.

Research at indicates that properties certified to Saferbuilding standards have seen values increased by seven to ten percent.

Smart HomeOwner Magazine
Saferbuilding has a national mission to set higher standards for building and remodeling practices and materials.

Mother Earth News Magazine
Some pest control companies offer a non-toxic treatment alternative. Confirm that the solution actually is safer by checking the termite guide at

Remodeling Magazine
The SaferBuilding “team”... demolishes and rebuilds homes, evaluating the toxicity, off-gassing, dust quality, and other effects of everything from odor neutralizers to paints, sealants, and flooring materials.

Commercial Real Estate Magazine tests buildings and remodeling projects for toxicity and has a certification program in order to make properties safer overall and increase their value.

Builder Online
Most builders don't know much about making homes healthier,, is a clearinghouse for information and education on the safest and healthiest building methods possible.

Barbara Wilkie, Environmental Health Network
“SaferBuilding… can help you with the many toxins in your environment which you CAN control.”

Peter Benjamin, Technology Scientist
“SaferBuilding likely has the highest level of 'Safe' Green Building knowledge in the world.”

Sandy Ross, Ph.D, Health and Habitat
“Information on safe building practices was impossible to obtain until SaferBuilding came along. Every architect, builder, and homeowner should have your How-To Guides.”

Julie Levitt, MBA, Business Woman, and Mother
“I used the SaferBuilding Environmental Disclosure forms extensively to help me make good decisions while buying. They allowed me to quickly figure out which houses would be safer for me and my family.”

Angelo Cosentino, Realtor for a SaferBuilding property
“I listed a SaferBuilding certified property… boosted my property's selling price more than 7%.”

Ernest Lo, High School Teacher
“I bought a SaferBuilding certified house. There were all sorts of details that I never would have thought of which made perfect sense. I am very pleased with it .”


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