SaferBuilding™ Realtor Program

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Program for Realtors Representing Sellers

Why have a program like this for Realtors®? Because it lets you give your sellers the opportunity to qualify for a SaferBuilding™ certification – which could mean a 7 – 10% increase in property value! That’s good for you – and your clients.

For only $25 per month you can give two clients per month unlimited access to SaferBuilding™ How To Guides. These guides let the client or their contractor know the proper materials and methods needed to make sure that there is no toxic residue as a result of painting, plumbing, electrical or any other type of project that might be done to get the home into proper selling condition. You’ll have instant access to all the SaferBuilding™ How To Guides yourself so you can advise your clients on any work they might need to do.

And every time your clients use the SaferBuilding™ products, your sponsorship information will be prominently displayed on every form.

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You can select what your clients will see on each form.

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Why does using SaferBuilding™ materials and methods have the potential to add value to a property?

If two properties are identical and one has toxic residue and the other does not, then which would be more valuable? If two properties are identical and one had been sprayed with toxic pesticides to get rid of ants and extra time was spent to caulk, to block the holes AND safer caulk was used, which would be more valuable?

What if the buyer/tenant doesn’t really care?

A lot of buyers/tenants do care! To get an idea if the demographics of your property makes financial sense to use SaferBuilding™ improvements, fill out our Environmental Disclosure Forms.

What kind of increase in value can you expect?

There are many factors that go into this – marketing, the market timing, the finished product, etc. But experience shows you should expect a 7 – 10% increase in value.

Are there additional costs?

It depends on the repair. If the demographic are right, our experience is that the cost or repair or improvement more than makes up for itself on the increased value. Remember, not all properties are right for SaferBuilding™ materials and methods. See our Contractor How To Guides for more information.

Can my current contractor work using SaferBuilding™ materials and methods?

That depends upon your contractor. There is generally some learning involved for the contractor. Some contractors enjoy learning new methods and testing new materials; while others are reluctant to make improvements or changes.

There’s even a Top Agent or Broker Program.

The Top Agent or Broker Program is $50. per month and allows you six courtesy client accounts a month. The client accounts work for both buying and selling realtors and you and your clients will have access to all the SaferBuilding™ Environmental Disclosure Forms as well.

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We assume NO LIABILITY for the final decisions made by you or your clients regarding the work you intend to do. If your contractor does not follow the SaferBuilding™ materials and methods, then your property may not qualify for a SaferBuilding™ Certificate of Good Standing.

Lead, Asbestos, and Mold not covered.

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How-To Guides for Homeowners
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Getting Odors Out

Tracking Down Odors

Vapor Barriers

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Tile & Stone Floor Installation

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Wall Repair

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