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Why have a program like this for Realtors®? Because when your buyer purchases a home, they can’t see the toxic residue that might exist in that home from plumbing, floors, electrical or painting. The SaferBuilding™ program helps buyers understand what toxic residue remains on a property, how difficult it is to remove and what toxic residue problems may be likely to arise.

Why should you be a part of the SaferBuilding™ Realtor® program? It’s simple – you give your clients added value by showing you care about their health – and you win their loyalty for years to come. By giving your clients the SaferBuilding™ Environmental Disclosures, you’re giving them the tools they need to protect their family – and their homes!

You’ll enjoy instant access to the Environmental Disclosure forms as well so you can help your clients with any questions that they have.

And every time your buyers use the SaferBuilding™ products, your sponsorship information will be prominently displayed on every form.

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Does this program make a difference?

Yes! SaferBuilding™ Environmental Disclosure Forms help buyers understand the issues so they can safely manage their purchase. And you’re showing your buyer how much you care about their health and safety. It’s a win – win situation for everyone.

It may even affect the price!

If a non-smoker walked into a house which smelled of smoke and a similar house with no such residue, then surely the smoke-free house would be more valuable to him or her. Smoke residue is among the issues noted in a SaferBuilding™ Environmental Disclosure Forms. Unlike smoke residue which has an odor, many toxins do not have a detectable odor even though they have the potential to cause a lot of harm. For the possibility of those residues, it is important to use SaferBuilding™ Environmental Disclosures before you move in.

If in two identical properties, someone sprayed pesticides whenever they saw ants; but in a second property, the homeowner had taken the time to caulk (with a non-toxic caulk or perhaps used boric acid, then it is likely that the latter property would have less toxic residue. One would expect increased value would be obvious if the buyers knew that fewer toxins had been used. In fact, SaferBuilding™ certified properties have seen increased values of 7% to 10%.

By using the SaferBuilding™ Certifications, sellers have an easy way to note absence of toxic residue and have the prospect of claiming increased property value.

What if your buyers don’t care about toxic residue issues?

Everyone cares about health. While a buyer can’t tell if a floor is engineered or solid, they will care when that floor needs to be refinished ten years down the road. And our disclosure forms will give them the information they need.

There’s even a Top Agent or Broker Program.

The Top Agent or Broker Program is $50. per month and allows you six courtesy client accounts a month. The client accounts work for both buying and selling realtors and you and your clients will have access to all the SaferBuilding™ How-To Guides as well.

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We assume NO LIABILITY for the final decisions made by you or your clients regarding the work you intend to do. If your contractor does not follow the SaferBuilding™ materials and methods, then your property may not qualify for a SaferBuilding™ Certificate of Good Standing.

Lead, Asbestos, and Mold not covered.

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