SaferBuilding Adds Realtor Program

Providing Realtors with Tools for their Clients

Realtors can set themselves apart from the competition by joining the SaferBuilding™ Realtor Program.

They can offer their buyers Environmental Disclosure packages and sellers the opportunity to potentially make more money by getting their property SaferBuilding™ certified.

Realtors can give their clients added value by showing that they care about their health - and you win their loyalty for years to come.

By giving clients the SaferBuilding™ Environmental Disclosures, you're giving them the tools they need to protect their family - and their homes!

By giving their clients unlimited access to SaferBuilding™ How To Guides, Realtors are providing valuable information that their clients, or their clients contractor, needs to know about materials and methods to make sure that there is no toxic residue as a result of painting, plumbing, electrical or any other type of project that might be done to get the home into selling condition.

Realtors and their clients have instant access to all the SaferBuilding™ How To Guides and Environmental Disclosures as a benefit of program membership.

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How-To Guides for Homeowners
to give to Contractors

Getting Odors Out

Tracking Down Odors

Vapor Barriers

Painting, Exterior

Painting, Interior


Tile & Stone Countertops - slab

Tile & Stone Countertops - tile

Tile & Stone Floor Installation

Tile & Stone Walls

New Wood Floor Installation

Wood Floors Refinishing

Flooring Materials

Carpet Demolition - Wood Subfloor

Demolition - Concrete Subfloor

Wall Repair

Rough Carpentry

Finish Carpentry

Crown Molding, Baseboards & Quarter-Rounds

Termite Control & Pest Management

Subterranean Termites, Existing Construction

Subterranean Termites, New Construction

Furniture Materials

Cleaning Windows

Products & Services

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