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Start Environmentally Sound Building Practices

For only $4 per topic and a quick download, the SaferBuilding How-To Guides get you started with a Take-Along Materials List and Step by Step directions, as well as outlining differences between traditional building and SaferBuilding. Then, if SaferBuilding is right for you, come back and join one the the Builder programs below. More...


Remodelers, Custom Home Builders & Tradespeople

Want to set your company apart from the competition for only $25 per month? You can - by giving your clients a safer home! For just $25 per month, you can offer your clients the SaferBuilding™ option on their remodeling jobs or custom homes. More...


Builders & Spec House Program

If you build less than ten houses per year, then you can increase your bottom line significantly by offering the SaferBuilding™ option on some of your projects. For only $50. per month, you have the potential to sell the properties for an additional 7% to 10%. More...


Developers & Large Builders

Increase your bottom line by hundreds of thousands of dollars per year - just by offering the SaferBuilding™ option on some of your projects. In the right areas, SaferBuilding properties have sold for 7% to 10% over similar traditional properties. This for only $75. per month. More...


Add Sammi SaferBuilder to Your Website

You clients have questions? Sammi SaferBuilder is an advice column that provides them answers to common questions regarding SaferBuilding™. You can display the advice column on your own website or include it in your newsletters. More...


Need Repair Suggestions?

Surprising as it may seem, many commonly used products contain known cancer-causing and hazardous ingredients. Don't let your clients' contractor inadvertently contaminate their airspace! More...


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How-To Guides for Homeowners
to give to Contractors

Getting Odors Out

Tracking Down Odors

Vapor Barriers

Painting, Exterior

Painting, Interior


Tile & Stone Countertops - slab

Tile & Stone Countertops - tile

Tile & Stone Floor Installation

Tile & Stone Walls

New Wood Floor Installation

Wood Floors Refinishing

Flooring Materials

Carpet Demolition - Wood Subfloor

Demolition - Concrete Subfloor

Wall Repair

Rough Carpentry

Finish Carpentry

Crown Molding, Baseboards & Quarter-Rounds

Termite Control & Pest Management

Subterranean Termites, Existing Construction

Subterranean Termites, New Construction

Furniture Materials

Cleaning Windows

Products & Services

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