Benefits of using Paperless Drywall and Additive-Free wall mud

We use DensArmor and DensShield for dry wall. Photos of a recent project (after texturing and painting) can be seen here.

This is a rented apartment which was remodeled top to bottom using the SaferBuilding approved materials and methods.

The cost for the dry wall materials is roughly double regular dry wall and the labor is the same. Even though the primer and paint cover up wall board, that doesn’t mean that it won’t off gas toxic materials through the primer and paint. If they provide somewhat of a seal, eventually, it cracks.

We use Murco wall mud which takes longer to dry since it doesn’t have additives to make it dry faster. That labor cost can be more than regular labor costs unless the job is very large so your contractor has something else to do while waiting for it to dry. It is very worth it though since wall mud can off gas for months into the interior of your home after using it.

We find that builder supply stores carry DensArmor and DensShield, although we usually call in advance since not all carry them. DensArmor and DensShield are advertised as mold resistant since it is a paperless sheetrock. At shows, the manufacturer has a piece of sheetrock with water pouring over it to show how mold resistant it is. It is a cool demonstration.

We cut outside whenever practical. This is for tile, stone, wood floors, dry wall, etc. It is prudent to leave particles and dust outside.

In the photos in the above apartment, the bathroom floor is limestone on the floor with marble inset.

The walls and ceiling used Murco for texture. Over the Murco is ICI, No VOC Primer and ICI No-VOC Paint. The only caulk throughout is AFM. The paint has a yellow tint.

For a shower curtain, we installed a pole (not photographed) from one end to the other and they bring the one end of the shower curtain into the bathtub.

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