How Can We Help You?

Thousands of satisfied customers
SaferBuilding has been able to make thousands of customers satisfied by using the following products services to make homes, offices, and buildings healthier.

Do you suspect a toxin in your home or office?  If you have allergies, headaches, don’t feel your best in your home or office, the SaferBuilding experts can help you. We work with you to track triggers and come up with a practical and cost effective plan.

Remodeling and Construction Consulting
Before remodeling, get an expert in healthy home maintenance, from an unbiased resource, with a tremendous amount of practical experience to give you an opinion. A SaferBuilding consultation is a very inexpensive way to protect your home or office since traditional (and green) remodeling can inadvertently add toxic products to your space.

Pre-Purchase Inspections
You finally found the perfect house, but can the imperfections be fixed? You want to buy a house, but a smoker lived there. How risky is that? You want to buy a condo, but your window is above your neighbor’s garage and you wonder if exhaust will get in your bedroom. The house is downwind from a brown field. Is that risky?

Let the SaferBuilding experts help you figure out which imperfections can be fixed and at what cost.

Expert Witness Services
We help you solve your problems. For those needing pre-litigation and litigation support regarding healthy home or green construction, landlord tenant issues related to toxins, toxic trespass, accommodations, healthy home maintenance, or employee/employer ADA accommodations issues.

Contract Addendums and How-To Guides
For less than $1. per guide, using the guides is a no-brainer to have prior to remodeling or doing any type of project. The guides outline differences between traditional construction and SaferBuilding construction so that toxins are not inadvertently introduced to your home.

Whether you’re a licensed contractor, handyman or a do-it-yourselfer who already has a basic knowledge of the project, SaferBuilding™ directions show you at each step what is different about the SaferBuilding™ method. This goes from demolition to preparation to installation to finishing up the project.

There are 24 guides in all from flooring to tiling to plumbing, etc.

Environmental Disclosures
When people buy houses, they see the colors, the fixtures, the layout, the room size and inspect plumbing, electrical, roof, and other important features. What is notably missing is information about toxic residue.

The environmental disclosures protect buyers, sellers, and realtors. Imagine if a buyer purchases a house downwind of a neighbor who regularly refinishes cars (a legal, yet toxic activity), and the buyer’s child has a serious asthma attack from the toxic vapors which come onto the buyer’s property. Such a situation would be horrible for the buyer, and bad for the seller and agents as well.

Disclosing it doesn’t mean that the house won’t sell, but will likely have the same effect as a barking dog (that is that it would behoove the seller to resolve the problem or to find a buyer who doesn’t care about such activities). The environmental disclosures include several questions to help understand the toxic residue and likely toxic exposures, based on the extensive SaferBuilding experience.

Why Choose SaferBuilding?
Experience! Over 300 field tests on Healthy Homes!

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