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-Give these to Contractors-

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Exterior Painting

Yesterday's exterior paints contained toxic lead. Today they include high levels of VOCs and other toxic ingredients which are also dangerous to human health. More...

Interior Painting

Paint can be harmful to occupants even after the painting is done. Painting involves other toxic products, besides paint, that evaporate into the air and can cause adverse health effects. More...

Getting Odors Out

Getting rid of annoying odors can be a daunting task. Many products merely cover up odors instead of removing them. Some commonly used products add neurotoxins to the air, which can be harmful to human health. More...

Vapor Barriers

Vapor Barriers are an ideal way to track and contain odors. There are important precautions which should be taken when creating the barrier. More...

Tracking Down Odors

At times, it is difficult to figure out where an odor is coming from. Even after you clean and clean, the lingering odor remains. This guide will help you track down the source of the odor. More...


Most plumbers will give property owners options such as PVC plastics, copper piping, or galvanized steel piping; perhaps they'll give choices when deciding to use ABS glue, plumbers putty, rubbers, and adhesives. More...

Countertops - Slab

When you make your kitchen more beautiful, make sure that you don't inadvertently add toxins to the very space where you lovingly prepare your food. More...

Countertops - Tile

Traditional installation of tile and stone countertops use known toxic ingredients, some of which cause cancer. Don't assume that if a product is legal that it is safe. More...

Tile & Stone Walls

Make your bathroom beautiful, but don't inadvertently add toxins when you remodel. Showering with hot water opens your pores, so using safer materials and methods in the bathroom is important to your health. More...

Wall Repair

Dry wall is gypsum mixed with a bunch of chemicals to make it hard. Some of those chemicals, such as formaldehyde, are harmful to human health. More...

Flooring Materials

Many people, when considering flooring materials, weigh the pros and cons of different options but fail to factor health and safety concerns into their equation. More...

Tile & Stone Floors

Natural stone and ceramic tile are elegant and have the potential to be the safest flooring available from a toxicity perspective. Unfortunately, traditional installation processes usually introduce unwanted toxins. More...

Floor Installation

Traditional wood floor installation leaves a beautiful floor, but can also leave a toxic residue from the materials and methods used. Why is it that some new wood floors have hardly any odor and some reek? More...

Floor Refinishing

Floor refinishers who tell you how they work with their sealant every day without ill effects aren't around to live with the vapors given off for the months to come. The smell of a refinished floor can irritate even the least sensitive of us. More...

Carpet Demolition
(Wood Subfloor)

When traditional building methods are used; demolition can release toxic residues, which can cause serious long-term health problems, into the air that you breathe. More...

(Concrete Subfloor)

During demolition, contractors generally don't think about the toxic residues left behind that may later contaminate your indoor air space and cause adverse human health effects. More...

Rough Carpentry

The potential danger from wood treatments is not just during the construction phase but lasts for the life of the wood. CCA being taken off the market doesn't mean that its replacements are safe. Carpenters are at risk from splinters. More...

Finish Carpentry

Finish carpentry using traditional building methods generally use materials which contain toxic chemicals. These chemicals, which include formaldehyde, pollute your indoor air space and can compromise your health. More...

Crown Molding, Baseboards, & Quarter-Rounds

Health issues often focus on choosing paints & flooring to the exclusion of baseboards, quarter-rounds, and crown molding. These too can unnecessarily introduce toxins into our air space. More...

Termite Control & Pest ManagementTermite Control & Pest Management

Vacating the premises during a pesticide application doesn't mean you are safe from pesticide-related health consequences. Chemical pesticides stick around for a long time (long "residual"). More...

Subterranean Termites
(Existing Construction)

No one wants their house damaged, but no one wants their health damaged either. Chemical pesticides, often a first choice for getting rid of subterranean termites, are also the most dangerous choice. More...

Subterranean TermitesSubterranean Termites
(New Construction)

Traditionally, termite pesticides have been some of the most toxic that exist. Do you really want to risk it with toxic products? More...

Furniture Materials

In one test with two rooms in the same house which had an identical SaferBuilding demolition, floor refinish & paint we selected two different types of furniture. One had solid wood while the other had particle board. The difference was striking. More...

Cleaning Windows

Cleaning the windows in your house or car makes them look great! However, some traditional window cleaning methods contaminate the air inside your home or auto. Fortunately, there are alternative methods that are safer. More...

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